The Chanel Affair


This is a new listing feature that allows clients with Chanel bags to sell but don’t want to ship their bags into Luxedujour not knowing if it will sell or not and also don’t want to be subject to the consignment rates now get a chance to list their bag on our @TheChanelAffair Instagram page.

By the seller doing all the work such as; taking their own pictures, filling out all the details about their bag and paying us the flat listing fee, we will then post their bag on @TheChanelAffair which is an audience of all Chanel addicts. The post will show up as "NEW LISTING" which means listed by seller. If it states "NEW ARRIVAL" it means it is coming directly from our company which has been authenticated and inspected already. Please take note of the difference.

If there is an interested buyer for the item the buyer will contact the seller directly for any further questions, pictures, videos they may require before purchasing.

If the buyer would like to purchase they can purchase directly through the seller via any payment methods the seller accepts (at their own risk) OR they can pay Luxedujour a flat $150 fee to request the bag be shipped to Luxedujour first to ensure authenticity and for their own protection. Once the buyer pays the fee Luxedujour will request the seller to ship the bag to our company. Luxedujour will act as the "protection" ensure the buyer receives an authentic bag safely shipped to them. As soon as bag is received and inspected for authenticity Luxedujour will then contact the buyer to inform them they may proceed with payment to the seller. After seller confirms they have received full payment Luxedujour will then proceed with shipping the bag to the buyer. (The $150 fee covers our authentication time and our shipping fee which calculates to be cheaper than paying through PayPal and Ebay) HAPPY SELLER AND HAPPY BUYER

- Must take very clear photos
- Must provide phone number and/or email best way of contact
- Request to bump post is 3 times max with or without a price reduction
- Must inform us if item is sold and/or should be removed
- Must ship item to us at their own expense if buyer requests and paid the fee or risk getting blocked/banned from any future service
- Must ship item to us or to the buyer within a timely matter tracking should be provided no later than 3 business days
- Must acknowledge that their item is not guaranteed to sell and listing fee is non refundable 

-Must acknowledge that their item will only be listed on @TheChanelAffair and NOT on @Luxedujour
- Must acknowledge that if they send in a fake they are subject to a penalty of $250 fee or the item will be destroyed

- Must acknowledge that you buy at your own risk and must use your own due diligence unless you pay the $150 fee to Luxedujour to act as "protection"
- Must acknowledge that if they back out of a purchase the $150 fee is non refundable unless item was non authentic then full $150 will be refunded
- Must ask for as many pictures or video as they need from the seller prior to committing to the purchase
- Has the option to pay securely through Paypal if seller offers Paypal

-Must acknowledge that we do NOT provide them any information about the bag and must fully communicate directly with the seller.


Fill out the form below, attach the mandatory pictures required, checkout with Paypal and wait for buyers to start contacting you!

Alternatively, if this is too much work for you then let US do all the work over at Luxedujour where we take a commission only when sold. Just go back to the home page under consignment to get free a quote!