About us

Luxe Du Jour is an online based luxury consignment and resale platform located in Calgary Alberta, Canada.
Luxe Du Jour started out as an outlet to sell personal gently used items that quickly spiralled into a full blown consignment boutique. Luxe Du Jour strives to bring our clients the best authentic luxury items for unbeatable prices, specializing in authentications; our clients never have to worry about wether they are receiving a genuine luxury piece or not. The Luxe Du Jour team was created by customer-service driven minds and we take the greatest pride in our ability to quickly assess and adapt to every cients' individual needs.
Luxe Du Jour believes in the notion that every pre-loved item deserves it's special loving home. If you no longer need that too-big Louis Vuitton tote bag or the too-small Chanel wallet, we will gladly find someone to house your previously cherished item(s). Money in your pocket and a beautiful purse re-homed, what could be better?
Don't wait for your items to depreciate in the back of your closet! Sell to us today, contact us for a quote!